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Effective Communication and Problem Solving

Learn how to listen more critically, ask better questions and give and get better information for communicative problem solving

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BLISS Roadshow 2013

A annual programme that focuses on health issues

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REAL SAHABAT SERU Profiling Workshop, 24 March 2012, DP1, KPS

The workshop received an improved attendance of 41 students. They were thrilled with finding out their personality type and those of others. There was also a career test which helped to give students further understanding of themselves and the type of management style they belonged to. It was an exciting experience and a revelation to learn about strengths and weaknesses.

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UYT (Upgrade Yourself Training), 17 March 2012, DP1, KPS

UYT was an introductory session to the REAL SAHABAT SERU programme. It was provided to all 135 interested candidates who signed up to be a REAL SAHABAT SERU. SERU is proud to announce that the session received 7 OKU students from the 7th college who were receptive and accommodative towards all activities planned. The one-day workshop received 25 participants in total and the students were exposed to basic insights about the 5 love languages, financial management and developing first class mind set individuals.

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