Research Works by SERU

A Case Study In Enhancing Development Of Soft Skills Among Tertiary Institutional Student

SERU with its research associates of SERU were honoured to present the preliminary qualitative case study research paper in the International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies at Barcelona, Spain which was held on 4-6 July 2011. The case study illustrated the objective of SERU which focused on empowering students via student designed programs, highlights the gaps in soft skills development among tertiary institutional students as well identified suggested strategies to resolve issues pertaining to development of soft skills.

Gap Analysis of Soft Skill among UM Students

A qualitative study which analysed soft skills development among UM students.
The informant in depth interviews were conducted with faculties and college's
higher management as well as students


Enhancing of Employability of UM Graduates

A qualitative study which explored the strategies of higher employability private
universities and how UM can emulate their strategies to enhance our graduate’s employability.


E-Survey Part 1: Students Adaptation to University Questionnaire (SAUQ)

The survey was conducted to help students and the institution to determine how well students are able to handle the demands of a new environment. SAUQ is a cost effective way to detect problems early in the student's university career. This survey is believed to have served a baseline in student’s ability to comprehend statements in English.


E-Survey PART 2: Discover the Student Learning Style Questionnaire (DSLSQ)

The survey helps students to identify their learning style and preferences. It is believed that when they know their preferred learning style(s) they can match it with their learning technique which best suits them in campus. This enables them to choose the types of learning that work best for them.