SAHABAT SERU is a programme to mould positive role model students through the development of soft skills and subsequently, be able to enhance and enrich the campus experiences of their fellow peers. It aims at developing peer coaches who are good listeners, encourage self-reflection and promote feedback through a guided one-on-one coaching exercise.

The selected students will experience specific workshops and supervised practical sessions to empower them as a SAHABAT SERU. Ultimately the programme is designed in efforts to create a student-driven and student-friendly campus environment.


SAHABAT SERU is a team of undergraduate students who are highly emphatic and takes the responsibility in supporting their peers who want to be leaders. A SAHABAT SERU shall encourage constant self-reflection and self-correction during peer coaching sessions. Briefly, coaches and coached students will walk through a planned action in addressing specific issue, observe, reflect and enhance the action until a solution is derived.


Role and Functions

•          The SAHABAT SERU team will actively participate and contribute to all supervised practical sessions, workshops and other on-going activities offered through the programme.

•          Providing one-on-one or small group peer coaching to students in a structured, regular team meetings in the     subsequent semesters.

•          Record challenges and experiences in a journal and transfer the information into a self-created blog.

Position Commitment The SAHABAT SERU team is required to follow through workshops, supervised team meetings and peer coaching meetings planned in one semester duration.

The SAHABAT SERU coaches are advised by the unit SERU who will be responsible for the management and development of the programme. SERU shall provide support, guidance and community to the SAHABAT SERU through regular workshops, team meetings and one-on-one meetings.



This programme offers SAHABAT SERU an opportunity to develop a number of professional competencies including enhancing:

•          interpersonal skills: understanding people better and motivating others

•          leadership skills: communication, team-building and networking of friends


All SAHABAT SERU will be awarded merit points, certificate of leadership and other forms of appreciation that SERU deems fit.


UYT (Upgrade Yourself Training)

The workshop serves as an entrée level to select candidates for the RSS programme. SERU would liked as many students to benefit from its programme hence we hoped that knowledge gained from the workshop can easily be applied as students in this living campus!