iCONS - dIsCover yOur soft skills @ uNiverSity malaya

iCONS - dIsCover yOur soft skills @ uNiverSity malaya


A programme that offers soft skills modules to all University Malaya first year undergraduates students.


This programme aimed to create awareness to :

•          support students’ soft skills development and education for job readiness purposes

•          develop students’ employability skills portfolio in view of generating soft skills transcript

•          produce high potential graduates who are an asset to the organisation


The modules of iCONS programme is developed jointly between panels of University Malaya lecturers and officers (working committee) and the appointed consultant, with the steering committee of the decision makers.


Modules offered are:

1.    Get Started

2.    Speak with Confidence

3.    All for One

4.    Think. Solve. Innovate


With the appointed consultant, University Malaya has develop and will implement a comprehensive programme with designed measurement rubrics to facilitate the issuance of a soft skill transcript by 2015.